SF/LA Local + Worldwide experience

in Europe, Mexico, UAE and Asia. Extensive knowledge of traveling with gear and working with local producers.

I started out as a geeky kid building computers and even beta testing computer games in the 90’s. Then I got into New York City’s film industry in 2004 as a PA. A couple years later I switched to stills and assisted and teched on fashion ads/editorials, car commercials, jewelry, beverage, soft good laydowns, corporate portraits, and architecture shoots. All the while my motion background (including a film degree from UCSC) allowed me to seamlessly switch between strobe and continuous lighting sources/modifiers and keep me as a knowledgeable asset on productions that are shooting both.

While I still think I’m a bit of a nerd, I tend to spend my time away from computers and take pictures of the ocean and cats (www.kenbrownart.com), spin, and bake bread.